Brandshop of dc

Product Selection

Of course we thought about every details during the implementation of the Brandshop, especially in the product selection. You will find great products of our customers, in addition we created our own products. The highlight is our corporate wear, including t-shirts an hoodies with 156 word prints and styles. So you can turn yourself in a "Photoshop Princess", a "E-Commerce Hero" and much more. 


Stock & Shipping

Your items are stored directly in our warehouse and waiting shipment directly after your order. So you can get your order within 1-3 working days. Our individualized products, for example t-shirts and hoodes are printed immediately after you placed your order. Therefore the delivery of these products could take some more time. 


The online shop is built with our own ecommerce software. For all the business processes in the backround we use the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. From receiving your order to dispatching it,  we just need a view clicks. 


Let's introduce ourselves

We are the project team behind all the processes: trainees in the first and second year of apprenticeship. It is a perfect opportunity for us to learn  everything about our shop software dc and our own content management system in practice. To get to know eachother a little better, we would like to introduce ourselves:
Georg Maximilian Dobe
Trainee for Coding Ninja
Hi, my name is Georg(e), me and my Team are responsible for our new customers with smaller sized projects.
I love cats and everything else with 4 legs (thats the reason for the cat-symbol on my Shirt).
Team Cloud-Projects
Lukas Wolfrum
Trainee as Coding Master
Hi, my name is Lukas. As a passionate developer
I turned my hobby into a job and I fit our
Software in the Key Account & Customization team
according to customer requirements.
Team Customization
Fabricio Schubert
Trainee as E-Commerce Guru
Hey, I'm Fabricio. Even before I started training, I set up my own shop. But in order to know more about marketing, I'm training to become an assistant in e-commerce management here.
Team Online-Marketing
Noah Scholz
Trainee for online marketing Ninja
For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Noah. I'm so strong because I rank our clients all number one on Google searches.
PS: My biceps was the template for the "get-shit-done" icon..
Team Online-Marketing
Christian Garban
Trainee for the UX Geek
Hi, I'm Christian. Most of the time I am sitting in our office in Marktredwitz and here I technically implement the designs created by Content & Design.
Team Frontend Development
Yannic Block
Training as Coding King
Holá, I'm Yannic. Although sometimes it doesn't look like it, I'm also on the trainee team. If a problem arises with our customers, I'm always there to solve it.
"If you have a problem, call Yannic from Customer Care."
Team Customer Care
Henri Engels
Trainee for the ERP Hero
Hi I am Henri and I am studying Marketing Management in a dual system. At dc I work in the sales team and at our brandshop I'm cranking up the sales.
Team Sales
Michelle Ramsauer
Trainee for the Photoshop Princess
Hi, I'm Michelle. You can imagine what it's like working with three guys... not at all ;) That's why I wear the pants here and help the three of them to coordinate.
Team Creative Projects
Sandro Giunta
Trainee for Coding Hero
Hey, I'm Sandro. I'm from Bayreuth and I implement large projects in the E-Commerce-Projects team for our customers with full commitment. During the lunch break I take my colleagues out for a game of chance.
Team Enterprise Projects
Dominik Häckel
Trainee for Coding Unicorn
Hello, my name is Dominik. As a native of Kulmbach, the secret capital of e-commerce, online trading is already in my blood. I dedicate a lot of time and attention to our key account customers.
Team Key Account & Customization
Patrick Bär
Trainee for the Coding Guru
Hello, for those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Patrick. I wrote my own apps and programs even before I started my apprenticeship. At dc I help to further develop the shop software.
Team Innovation Lab