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Have you ever seen a dog so stylish that even cats are green with envy? No? Then this is your lucky day, because here comes our collar and lead set from the dc colour workshop! Our craftswoman has made this set with lots of love. And don't worry if your four-legged friend decides to play in the mud. Our collar and lead set is very easy to wash. The best part? With four different settings per collar, it fits every neck size perfectly. So give your furry friend what they deserve with our collar and lead set to make your dog the coolest dog in the neighbourhood.

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My dog now has more style than I do!
He leads the dog world with this collar and lead set. I'm seriously considering getting matching accessories to keep up with him.
My dog loves this collar and leash set in the dc colors so much that he now thinks he's a Hollywood star. He has even started taking selfies!
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Dog collar S

  • leash and collar in dc colors
  • length of the dog lead: approx. 3 m
  • material: Paracord made of nylon & biothane               eyelets & buckles made of brass
  • handmade with love
  • particularly robust and hard-wearing
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