Selected chocolates made by our customer Confiserie Burg Lauenstein in a stylish design by dc. Everybody can select their favourite non-alcoholic nougat praline specialty!

Package Contents

  • Amarena nougat praline
  • Florentine praline
  • Gianduja nougat praline
  • Bundt cake nougat praline
  • Almond brittle praline whole milk
  • Ball of nougat praline
  • Nougat praline with hazelnut
  • Nougat tartlets dark big
  • Pistachio nougat
  • Waffle nougat praline

These chocolates are amazing!
The unbelievably delicious taste of the hand-finished creations from Burg Lauenstein makes me melt away. With every bite, I experience a taste explosion that lifts me up into chocolate heaven. Non-alcoholic and simply delicious.
I love Nougat!
I initially planned to give the chocolates away as a present, but that didn\'t work out very well! Oops…

Lauensteiner chocolate box

200g without alcohol
  • Package content: 200 g
  • 10 types of pralines
  • Non-alcoholic
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