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Green tea with a touch of mango and juniper. These aromas caress the gin made by our customer J.T. Ronnefeldt and make it the highlight of your next office party.

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Preparation Gin Tonic

  • 4 cl GinT
  • 6 cl tonic water
  • Green apple slices (Granny Smith)
  • Ice cubes

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Dangerously tasty!
Including hangover on the inside of the bottle.
With the Ronnefeldt GinT, daily office life becomes an exciting adventure in the jungle of flavours. And when I add the slices of green apple, my glass turns into a green forest of refreshment.
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Ronnefeldt GinT

500ml GinT
  • Bottle content: 0.5 L
  • Alcoholic content: 45% vol.
  • Manufactured & produced by Ziegler Distillery
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