Totally Bavarian and yet refreshingly different! A traditional bavarian light beer, wonderfully refreshing with subtle fruity notes of citrus and peach. A modern interpretation oft he Bavarian way of life mady by our customer Brauerei Maisel.

Guys, the Maisel Hoppy Hell beer is insane!
I feel like a true hop hero who is on a flavour adventure. If you're a true beer explorer, grab a bottle of Maisel Hoppy Hell and get ready for the taste journey of a lifetime!
A refreshing Bavarian surprise!
With its quaffable and fruity notes of citrus, apricot and peach, it is a true taste experience. Every sip is like a ray of sunshine on my tongue and lets me fully enjoy the Bavarian lifestyle. Cheers to this hoppy, refreshing pleasure!

Maisel Hoppy Hell

330ml bottle
  • Taste: hoppy-refreshing, citrus, apricot, peach
  • Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.
  • Original wort: 11.50° P
  • Bitter units: 25 IBU
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