You're still losing your keys? Not anymore! With our keychain for all occasions, you never have to ring the bell to get to the office anymore and you always know immediately where all your keys are. Our dc lanyard makes your life easier!

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Order to the key chaos!
Finally I have my keys under control! With this genious lanyard from dc, lost keys are a thing of the past. No more annoying searching - I am the hero of my own key universe.
Like a personal assistant!
With its magical ability to open my way to the office while looking stylish, it has revolutionised my life. Key harmony instead of key panic. Thank you dc, for this genious key hero!
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dc Keychain

45cm lanyard
  • lenght: 45cm
  • material: polyester
  • keychain in "Nightblue"
  • dc website and logo print
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